Thursday, July 23, 2009

WA Swell

What happened after Tahiti...
Lowey got taken out and done his shoulder again, so had to go home.
It was hard times after Lowey went,
we were all a bit spun out as it was so early on into the trip.
We bailed on Tahiti and went straight to WA.
Big brother Paul Morgan had been holding it down in West Oz for nearly four months, and little did we know that we had rocked up just before there biggest swell of there winter so far.

We hooked up with Morg's with our new brown cruiser.
Here is a few shots from the swell we lucked into.

Big man Morg's on the wave he was waiting for, and the reason he moved to WA for the winter.
He now fronts the biggest mag in Australia,
Morg's is without a sponsor at the moment, so heres hoping that the big guy gets properly sorted out. He deserves it more than anyone, he's mental just look at that wave!!

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