Saturday, August 8, 2009

Head Butt

Here is my face plant at Gnaraloo. 
It was our last day of the trip, low tide and pumpin.
I had made too really good wave before and was feeling really good and I guess I got a bit too cocky.

I thought I was going to be in a whole pile of crap when it first happened but it worked out ok.

I would like to thank, Dino's dad who picked me up on the ski, his mum for holding my hand through the whole thing. Thank George his family and all the guys in the camp for helping in whatever way they could. And the biggest thanks to Tim the heart/plastic surgeon who stitched me up right there and did a great job. 

I feel lucky with only getting 16 stitches as it was very nearly my eye.
All is good now, got back in the water in two week, just look like bit of a scar face.

I really feel for Tom who is out for four months with his shoulder.
Get better soon brother!

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