Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trials Tahiti

Hi guys, sorry for the late update I have been real busy last few weeks.
I am on my way home now after three months on the road.

So I made it into the trials, What a great experience it was trying to mix it up with the worlds best heavy wave surfers. I made two rounds which was nothing too amazing but it felt good to be out there giving it a go.
I feel very privileged to be out there representing Ireland everyone was spinning out seeing an Irishman in the event. I cant wait to go back again next year and improve on my result and try and push Irish surfing to a new place.


Neil Cooney said...

Good stuff Fergal - ya did well and great to have ya out there representing the Irish. Back to cold Ireland for the Winter!

Pete Fleming said...

Damn Ferg don't play down those two rounds you got through. You took out some pretty big names in em! Wicked stuff.

Enygma42 said...

Fair play Fergal! Was absolutely unreal to see the Irish flag (eventually) on the scoresheet.