Friday, August 5, 2011

Gnaraloo mission!

The Gnaraloo trip this year was totally different to any other I have been on.
First off our old trusty Land Cruiser died on us, very sad times.
So I had to organise hire car. My mate Koots from Wollongong was keen for the trip so he jumped on board with his mate Mitch. Another mate "Jezza" from the goldie I met in Tahiti was keen as well so he came along for the ride and my brother Kev got the week off work and that made a packed car. It was a big swell but the winds were a bit weird the whole time really.
I still loved it and it was a real funny crew to hang in the desert with. Thanks boys for the good times.
Off to Indo now, will keep you posted. Ferg

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