Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Desert

The crew.

When the weather turned on us down in Margaret River,our little crew of lucky travelers headed north to avoid the bad weather of the storms and take advantage of them at the same time.

Tomb stones.

Gnarrloo is the best place I have yet to travel to.
Its a heavy slabing long left,it is heaven for me.

You do have to pay your dues to be there. Its almost a twenty hour drive to start off with.
Then you have the lovely roads which make you loose your mind they are so bumpy.
Everything is consonantly covered in red dirt.You get fried during the day but then freeze at night.
But for me that is what makes the place so special. You and everyone else who has made the mission really appreciate the place after what we all have went through to get there.
Good times


The people who head north into the desert are quite often very interesting people,as nobody is there for the image its all about the waves and just chilling in the sand.
You get to see all sorts,family's on there winter retreat,strange old men who dont seem to have anything else for doing and just love been a hard core Ozzy out in the dirt.Pro surfers are always passing through on swells.It is really cool out there as being a pro surfer means very little in the desert.Everyone is in the same boat.Taj and Ry and there mates turned up and you would think they would just take over but it didnt work like that which is really cool.It comes down to the true reasons for surfing,if you want a peace of it nobody is really going to stop you. 
Lots and lots of sand

Speedie section
lovely wave
I didnt make this one,I was close but it ate me up in the end
Lowey chilled in a heavy spot as usual,I was on the inside getting it on the head.
Koby turned up for a couple of days.

Super fun Tombies

Special place

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