Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year indeed!
I would like to wish everyone a great new year and hope you got in amongst the fun so far.
Its been the best start to 09 I could have imagined with light off-shores for weeks on end.
It is now an all out storm only a week after those amazing day's,so to make me feel better I have thrown a few shot's together. Lets hope these winds chill again and the let the fun start all over again.

Happy times
The old launch! its like a small military operation
Tom DH new board went amazing 
The joy's of jet ski power

Ireland doing her best to trick people into thinking its Indo

Winter frustation
Lovely wave pity about the waterfall.

The big man needs a lot more than that to get him excited,just chilling
Me old wagon
Sweet corner
There was a lot of this which is not so nice when its sub zero.

What we have been waiting for.

NEWS: Its all systems go for the new year and our new Relentless vid.
They have loaned us a pimp Land Rover Defender which has been the biggest lifesaver already.
We have got "the KAT" Andy Lawrence our filmer over full time for next few months documenting anything and everything that goes down.
So lets hope the swells be good to us all.

Peter Conroy before he fractured a vertebrae and broke his nose.
Get well soon Pete see you in the water.

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-JY- said...

liking the shots!